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Information technology (IT) service delivery is changing more than ever before. IT organizations are under pressure to improve their company’s performance and drive continuous value from IT investments yet, at the same time, reduce operational costs. 

This requires a two-pronged approach: becoming more efficient (delivering more with less) and becoming more effective. Effectiveness can be measured in not only productivity gains but also in such aspects as mitigating risks, minimizing business disruptions, ensuring compliance, improving end-user experience, and optimizing the IT environment to deliver desired benefits to a company’s lines of business.

In shared-services environment, common IT functions are consolidated, rather than spread across an enterprise in siloed systems. Shared-services model gives a company the ability to run IT like an internal service provider, allowing it some flexibility. Nevertheless, IT departments and the various organizations that create business processes within a company are all separate silos, each with their own management teams and budgets. There is no incentive to reduce someone else’s budget. 


Outsourcing helps organizations to effectively reduce their costs and focus on their business derivable rather than the complex IT processes.

After several years in the market place,
Smarthüe has built a comprehensive and compelling Information Security consulting and IT outsourcing model that allows our customers to improve their business workflows. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can rely on us not only as advisors, but as a long term partner. Smarthüe helps enterprises accelerate Digital Immersion, Securely and Efficiently through an outsourcing cost-saving model without sacrificing service quality. 

While other companies engage companies with a compelling “cut- saving” message, we drive growth and enable transformation in companies large and small through a network of high proficiency specialists. Business leaders across the C-suite are now looking for partners that can add significant strategic value to their processes.


Over the past 10 years, customers have extended their services to differente clusters such as ASIA and South America. With more than 60% of internet penetration, 14.7% of the budget assigned to education, high english proficiency and strong information security expertise, Argentina has became a hotspot for outsourcing services.

As part of our business model with professionals across US and Argentina, we offer true understanding of our client’s business through industry-leading expertise and deep market knowledge.

Smarthüe offers the most flexible and scalable enterprise outsourcing services on the market. With its innovative delivery approach, Smarthüe helps organizations to improve their IT and security infrastructure by providing a high proficiency professional network, reducing costs tied to companies overhead, and greatly improving quality of service. Smarthüe delivers the entire stack of outsourcing needs, from information security to business processes. And we deliver these services through a wide range of implementation approaches selected, tailored, and integrated to meet your needs.